Expertise at every phase of your growth


Whether bootstrapping or have seed investment from friends and family, our services cater for early stage startups. Properly documenting all aspects of your company prevents any issues down the track.


Launched your MVP? Have paying customer and initial traction? Things just got serious… we help to implement proper formalities and documentation which accommodate growth demands.


Achieved product market fit? Upward trajectory and growing customer base? Or infusing investment for expansion? You’ll need a committed team of professionals to take care of the legalities.

How we can help you:

  • Draft and certify documentation for all enterprise requirements.
  • Identify appropriate formalities and legal structures.
  • Recognise any legal concerns and devise addressable solutions.
  • Prevent suability by mitigating liabilities and assuring compliance.
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Our Lawyers draft and certify each document

Startup Essentials

$ 147

Joint Venture
Strategic alliance
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Note: Clients may select up to three (3) documents only.


$ 1497

Includes all of ‘Startup Essentials’ package.

Articles of Association
Share certificates
Registration of roles

E-Commerce and Internet:
Website Privacy Policy
Website Terms & Conditions
(Sale of goods/services, Download, Subscription)
Note: only one (1) T&C and one (1) Privacy are incl.

Traction and Scaling

$ 4997

10 hrs of legal support, advice and redrafting

Includes all of ‘Incorporation’ package.

Employment letters:
Offers & Termination

Financial documents:
Letter of demand
Loan agreement with guarantee/security
Term sheet (fundraising)
Note: client may only request one (1) of each.

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Turning this….

Endless searching for boiler plates, customising, removing and amending sections; delving into sources to find mechanisms and terms to insert? This is a profession so don’t expect to properly document, certify or structure your startup overnight.

Into this…

Our team of Solicitors have an array of experience to cater for your specific needs. We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best! All services are tailored to suit your company goals.

You’re Special. We’re Specialised. That’s going to work out great!